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OrangeCD Catalog

Advanced music collection software

OrangeCD Catalog is the advanced music database software for cataloging and organizing music collection in any format: it supports pop and classical CDs, iTunes songs, MP3 files, vinyl records or tapes. To add a CD album to the database, insert the CD in your computer or scan the barcode from jewel case, and OrangeCD will download artist, song titles, album reviews, cover artwork and other information from online music database. No typing is required to organize your CD collection. OrangeCD Catalog is filled with features and tools for organizing iTunes or MP3 collection, managing artist profiles and discographies, printing reports, and keeping your music library database safe and secure.

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OrangeCD Player

Free CD player

OrangeCD Player is a tiny freeware Windows program that allows you to play audio CDs using your PC. The player supports online music databases and works with our music organizer software. When you play a new CD, the player downloads song titles and automatically catalogs it in your music database. Additional features include various playback modes, playlists, direct track access and disc position memory. Add OrangeCD Catalog to help you to organize your MP3 library, and you have a complete digital media management suite.

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What's new

Join Racks and Tags, the website where you can publish catalog of your music collection and access it from anywhere.

 January 30, 2022  new!!

All OrangeCD Suite applications are now free. If you still see a license key prompt, get the latest version from download page.

 July 26, 2020  new!!

Version 6.5.8 fixed cover download and Amazon search functions. Note: some functionality is now disabled because it's no longer supported by Amazon web services. Also, this update removed references to discontinued servers. Instead, private FreeDB server at will be launched in coming weeks.

 March 2, 2016 

Version 6.5.7 restores compatibility with legacy 32-bit systems (Windows XP).

 February 18, 2016 

New OrangeCD version 6.5.6 fixes Windows 10 compatibility issues.

 May 14, 2015 

OrangeCD 6.5.5 fixes various access errors during Discogs search.

 July 23, 2014 

New version 6.5.4 release contains a collection of bug fixes and compatibility improvements.

 February 27, 2014 

Version 6.5.3 fixes inconsistencies in collaboration artist reporting.

 February 19, 2014 

Today's update fixes random crash on some systems while using autocomplete features, such as artist or collaboration editor.

 February 3, 2014 

New build 6.5.1 contains bug fixes for reported problems. It also restores Discogs import functionality that ceased to function after Discogs API change on February 1.

 November 20, 2012 

New build 6.5.0 fixes problem with Discogs authentication and other bugs.

 February 25, 2012 

New version 6.4.9 released today, fixes problem with using Amazon web service. Please upgrade if you experience trouble adding albums from Amazon or downloading album artworks.

 January 16, 2012 

OrangeCD 6.4.8 released. This update contains important bug fixes and adds playlist export feature.

 December 30, 2011 

New version 6.4.7 adds Discogs API 2.0 support and fixes bugs. View change log.

 August 12, 2011 

OrangeCD Suite 6.4.6 is released and available for immediate download. This version adds 2 new features, improves compatibility with Parallels Desktop on Mac OS X and fixes some bugs.

 November 14, 2010 

OrangeCD Suite 6.4.5 released, addresses network related responsiveness problems and fixes other bugs.

 August 29, 2010 

OrangeCD Suite 6.4.4 released. This update improves support and fixes non-critical bugs.

 August 2, 2010 

OrangeCD Suite 6.4.3 adds support for Discogs is one of the largest online music databases, and is the largest database of releases on vinyl media.

 May 17, 2010 

OrangeCD Suite updated to version 6.4.2. This release improves artist collaborations feature and app stability on Windows 7 systems.

 March 1, 2010 

OrangeCD Suite 6.4.1 released, features artist collaborations on track level and bug fixes.

 January 19, 2010 

OrangeCD Suite updated to version 6.4.0. This is a technical update, it features bug fixes and stability improvements only.

 January 6, 2010 

OrangeCD Suite 6.3.9 released. This minor update includes fix for inconsistencies in content tree, as well as other bug fixes.

 December 9, 2009 

OrangeCD Suite 6.3.8 released. This update adds a new feature that finds broken media links in the entire database. Another nice addition is new sort options in tree view.

 November 4, 2009 

OrangeCD Suite 6.3.7 released, fixes import responsiveness issue and other bugs.

 August 16, 2009 

OrangeCD Suite 6.3.6 released. Beginning August 15, Amazon web service queries made from older versions of OrangeCD will be rejected. Please upgrade to version 6.3.6 to continue using Amazon features in OrangeCD Catalog.

 July 13, 2009 

OrangeCD Suite 6.3.5 released, fixes collaboration album issues and improves navigation UI.

 May 14, 2009 

OrangeCD Suite 6.3.3 is available for immediate download. New build adds new user settings and data fields for tracks: original release date, single or B-side, bonus track. It also provides more consistent track numbering on vinyl albums and improves inner mechanics of error reporting for better compatibility with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

 May 1, 2009 

OrangeCD Suite 6.3.2 released.

 March 15, 2009 

OrangeCD Suite 6.3.1 released. This version improves handling of large CD boxsets and fixes inconsistencies with composer reporting.

 February 24, 2009 

OrangeCD Suite 6.3.0 released. New version improves HTML export features. All export templates now produce CSS friendly, XHTML validated pages.

 February 6, 2009 

OrangeCD Suite 6.2.9 released today. This build adds support for multiple artists per album and artist collaborations. Get it from download page.

 January 19, 2009 

OrangeCD Suite is updated to version 6.2.8 today. In the new release, you can find completely new hybrid view mode which displays albums in a table and includes cover thumbnails at the same time. There are several new display options, and existing view modes are renamed to keep it consistent with the changes. The best news is that now OrangeCD is compatible with Windows 7 beta and Internet Explorer 8. You can download new release on the download page. See full change list here.

 December 14, 2008 

OrangeCD Suite 6.2.7 released. This build adds copy and paste support to album and track credits.

 November 19, 2008 

OrangeCD Suite 6.2.6 released. New build allows saving frequently used columns and custom sort definitions in presets, and features a number of assorted bug fixes and improvements. See full change list here.

 November 1, 2008 

Racks and Tags blog has published an article explaining how to track playbacks of LPs, tapes, or any kinds of albums that are not played on a PC, and how to publish playback history in Played tab of user profile pages on Racks and Tags. There's a new OrangeCD plugin for this that can be downloaded separately from main setup.

 October 14, 2008 

OrangeCD Suite 6.2.5 released. This update adds several frequently asked features and improves application stability. Racks and Tags update timeout problem is fixed for good. You can get the new version from download page.

 June 18, 2008 

OrangeCD Suite 6.2.4 released today. This version adds live publishing feature that allows updating album ratings and playback statistics on your Racks and Tags pages automatically, without having to use Publish menu. In addition, the new version adds much anticipated bulk editing for tracks and numerous smaller improvements.

 May 3, 2008 

OrangeCD Suite version 6.2.3 is out the door. This upgrade switches collection publishing features to use brand new Racks and Tags website and improves performance of a number of features. The story behind the performance fix can be tracked by this thread in OrangeCD community forums.

 April 27, 2008, the website where you can upload and track your music collection catalog online, has got new cool design and changed its name to Racks and Tags. From the official project blog: "we believe the new name is easier to remember and it better represents the purpose of the website - catalog all your music, regardless of the media it's on". More info in the official blog.

 March 15, 2008 

OrangeCD Suite version 6.2.2 released. This upgrade packs a big deal of improvements in media files scanning, including new scanning options and new Media Library feature. It also improves Amazon search and cover download features that were updated to use the latest Amazon web services. Full list of changes and fixes can be found here.

 February 23, 2008 

Recent update on website introduced new features for fellow music collectors. As of today, user collection pages display lists of recently added, recently played, and recently rated albums. All of these are updated automatically when local database is synchronized with the server. Individual album pages display lists of other users who own, play or rate the album. In addition, there's a new cool friends feature which allows choosing individual users who can view your collection. For everybody else, including guest visitors, your collection will be hidden. It's a great way to make your online collection catalog more private and secure, so if you haven't created your account yet because of privacy concerns, nothing should stop you now.

 January 31, 2008 

OrangeCD Suite version 6.2.1 released. This version improves compatibility with Squeezebox and Windows Vista. It also fixes few minor annoyances from previous versions.

 December 28, 2007 

OrangeCD Suite 6.2.0 has been released. New version fully supports Apple iTunes music file formats and improves speed and quality of album lookups using Add from FreeDB feature.

 December 21, 2007 

We are now offering a complimentary FreeDB server for all OrangeCD users. From now on, this will be a permanent unofficial FreeDB mirror and it will be updated with fresh data from the official server on regular basis. You can find more information and detailed instructions on how to use it with OrangeCD in blog.

 November 15, 2007 

New version 6.1.9 has been released. By popular demand, it adds ability to associate media files stored on a hard drive with database entries. It helps music lovers with smooth transition from traditional CD collections to hard drive-based media libraries. In addition, the new version has improved media file recognition and it fixes few minor annoyances from previous releases.

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