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Old news in 2007

This is archived news. Don't take it seriously. For recent news and updates, visit the front page.

 October 18, 2007 

OrangeCD Suite version 6.1.8 has been released featuring new Artist Manager tool and a number of other improvements. Full list of changes.

 August 9, 2007 

OrangeCD Suite version 6.1.7 has been released. New build offers ability to group tracks on vinyl albums by side (A/B), improves stability, and fixes minor non-critical bugs.

 July 10, 2007 

New build 6.1.6 has just been released. This update improves Squeezebox/Transporter network player support and improves display of credits in multiple disc-albums. It also contains important fix for Microsoft Vista related error, so if you run OrangeCD Suite on Vista, we highly recommend upgrading to 6.1.6 today.

 May 23, 2007 

There's a new build of OrangeCD Suite out and immediately available for download. Out of 10+ improvements made in last weeks, one deserves special mention. We significantly improved speed of incremental media folder rescans. This change addresses common usage scenarios, such as when you add several new albums to the library on hard drive and need to refresh your OrangeCD database to include them. New build 6.1.5 will perform this kind of updates fast and painlessly.
By the way, have you told a friend about OrangeCD recently? :)

 May 4, 2007 

OrangeCD Suite 6.1.4 is uploaded. This incremental release adds better database statistics and fixes non-critical bugs.

 April 14, 2007 

OrangeCD Suite 6.1.3 is released. This version's biggest changes are added support for Monkey's Audio (APE) tags and improved rating controls on the start page. Full list of changes can be found on History page.

 March 26, 2007 

OrangeCD Suite 6.1.2 is released. This build features new controls that allow rating albums and songs in 1/2 star increments. It is now possible to rate albums or see existing ratings directly from main album display or album list. New ratings will be automatically uploaded to your pages during next synchronization. In addition, this build improves cover upload reliability.

 March 9, 2007 

OrangeCD Suite 6.1.1 is released. This version improves upload speed and reliability, removes limitation on cover image size in HTML export, and adds few other minor improvements.

 February 22, 2007 

Today we are extremely proud to present first public release of our new project, This is a website that allows OrangeCD users to display and share listings of their music collections online. All you have to do is install new build 6.1.0 that was released today, create free account at and upload your collection.
Imagine what you can do with it. Browse your collection while at work or in school - including all personal notes and bookmarks. Keep your friends informed about new albums you've got - with no extra hussle at all. Publish your ratings, wish lists or sale lists. Search your music inventory from any computer in the world. Avoid buying duplicates. Scan your songs using a smartphone or other web-enabled device while hovering over CD counter.
There's a lot to tell about, but all it really takes is few minutes of your time to start using it today. Make sure to visit the official blog, where all the news, updates, and announcements are posted. We strongly encourage visiting the blog every few weeks or subscribing to the RSS feed, because there are many new features in the pipeline that you don't want to miss.
There is also new message board where you can discuss any topics related to the new project or post your feature requests. Enjoy!

 February 9, 2007 

This is a reminder that we are currently testing new software product, which should eventually become a new generation of HTML export in OrangeCD Catalog. The project is currently in final stage of beta testing. If you have interest in HTML export or similar features, please contact support using web form or by e-mail to receive download instructions.
If you had interest and planned to create a website for your music collection, but gave up because it was inconvenient or too hard, - please contact us, because then the new product is definitely for you. As always, there will be discounts and other benefits for beta testers and early users.

 February 3, 2007 

OrangeCD Suite 6.0.9 has been released. This build adds new smart features for better handling of full-size scans of CD inserts. Huge scans that came directly from the scanner will no longer affect database performance. OrangeCD Catalog will automatically crop thumbnail images to only include the face side of CD insert. In addition, the new build improves quality of cover and review search in Amazon database; and enables automatic creation of box sets immediately after scanning CDs. There are also minor improvements in Vorbis/ID3 tag compatibility and few bug fixes.
The upgrade to 6.0.9 is highly recommended if you plan to add many albums to the database by scanning music CDs or media files.

 January 17, 2007 

OrangeCD Suite 6.0.8 has been released. This release is focused on improvements in media file scanning. Added support for FLAC tags, new checkbox for FLAC/Vorbis tags, and support for UTF-8 encoding in ID3 tags. Also fixed rare and harmless, but annoying boot error.
Back in 2006...

 December 28, 2006 

OrangeCD Suite 6.0.7 has been released. New version allows searching songs and albums by credits, and fixes few non-critical bugs. You can find more information on history page.

 December 12, 2006 

OrangeCD Suite 6.0.6 has been released. New version features new import module that allows transferring data from Music Collector application via intermediate XML format.

 December 10, 2006 

We have added RSS feed to our website. Now you can subscribe to OrangeCD news by directing your newsreader to this URL: All OrangeCD related updates or news will be posted to RSS automatically when this page is updated.

 December 5, 2006 

We are looking for enthusiastic users and music fans for early private beta testing of the OrangeCD Catalog sister project. If you have desire to try out new sophisticated features before they are made available to the world, and, more importantly, use them to your own benefit, let's talk! Send a mail to if you are interested.

 December 1, 2006 

New build 6.0.5 has been posted to the download page. It features speed improvements and a number of cosmetic bug fixes.

 November 17, 2006 

In an effort to create accurate and up-to-date documentation for OrangeCD Suite, we updated two chapters of the online help: Installation, upgrade and backup and Adding albums to database.

 November 15, 2006 

It's time for new release again. We are proud to announce that OrangeCD Suite 6.0.4 supports audio playback through Squeezebox and Transporter network players made by Slim Devices (now a Logitech company), as well as SoftSqueeze and other players powered by SlimServer software. We hope OrangeCD will now serve as a powerful front end for home music libraries of many Squeezebox fans.
This update also improves application performance and adds new options to media scanning features. In particular, it is now possible to enter as many details or credits for your MP3, FLAC, or other electronic media albums as you like, without fear that they will be overwritten next time you make a full rescan of your music library.

 November 1, 2006 

There are three news today. First, OrangeCD Suite version 6.0.3 was released. This is incremental update, it only fixes few minor annoyances, so don't upgrade if you don't feel the need.
Also, we published first version of OrangeCD Catalog plugin API that allows third-party developers to create their own plugins. You can find the plugin API on new developer downloads page, and there is some sample source code as well.
And finally, new HTML export template from one of our power users was added to the template gallery page. Enjoy.

 October 13, 2006 

OrangeCD Suite version 6.0.2 (build 10612) has been released today. This update fixes search problem and introduces most complete database dump module to date - export to OrangeCD XML file format (.oxl).

 September 22, 2006 

OrangeCD Suite version 6.0.1 has been released. The biggest changes are Windows 95/98/ME compatibility fixes and improved Windows Media Player support. Read full update story here.

 September 9, 2006 

This is an important message for OrangeCD Suite users who would like to import data from CATraxx software. Please read this forum message for instructions on resolution of CATraxx XML import problem.

 September 1, 2006 

OrangeCD Suite version 6.0 was released. - Download now!

 June 30, 2006 

OrangeCD Suite 6.0 Beta 3 has been released. This update includes numerous improvements to UI theme engine, artist and composer info pages, and usability enhancement in album properties. -

 March 24, 2006 

OrangeCD Suite 6.0 Beta 2 has been released. The most important change is Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 compatibility fix. In addition to that, many bugs were fixed based on user reports.

 January 16, 2006 

OrangeCD Suite 6.0 Beta 1 has been released and can be downloaded from the Beta page. New version features many new fields, including extensive credit lists, artist profiles, quick preview pane, better classical music support, customizable toolbars, track list view, more backup options and many more.

 June 14, 2006 

After a break, new build is posted to Daily Build page.

 June 4 

Due to the unexpected technical problem OrangeCD message boards were unavailable during the past week. The problem is now resolved and message boards are re-opened to our visitors. Unfortunately this incident will delay release of daily builds. Next build will be released June 7. We apologize for the inconvenience.

 March 22 

- Latest beta version (5.2.1) is cancelled. Next release of OrangeCD Suite will be version 6.0. All changes and bug fixes from the deleted beta version were integrated into v6 branch.
- Today we open Daily Build page on our website. From now on, this page will offer preview builds for the upcoming version of OrangeCD Suite. Check it out today, bookmark it, and come back frequently, because new builds will be posted several times every week!
A permanent link to the Daily Build page is
Back in 2004...

 August 17 

A new beta version (5.2.1 build 8016) is available for download on the Beta page. It features long awaited French translation of the user interface and a number of bug fixes.

 May 26 

A new build was uploaded to the Beta page. It includes Portuguese and Russian translations and several bug fixes. The next beta will add French to the list of languages supported by OrangeCD.
The parallel work on the 5.3 branch is still in progress. The new version 5.3 will feature more advanced and flexible recording credits system, lots of new fields, and other database improvements.

 March 23 

OrangeCD Suite version 5.2.0 was officially released. Here is the wrap-up of major features that were added since the previous version:
  • Flexible date fields that allow entering any kinds of dates
  • Windows Media (WMA) file format support
  • Amazon search feature
  • Automatic album cover download feature
  • UPC barcode scanning feature and CueCat scanner support.
You can get the new version from the Download page.

 March 8 

OrangeCD Suite version 5.2.0 beta 4 was released. This build adds Download CD covers menu command that can be used to find and attach album covers to the existing albums in the music database. In addition, JPEG image handling was improved to preserve high quality of your cover scans.

 February 16 

OrangeCD Suite version 5.2.0 beta 3 was released. In this build, a new way of adding albums was introduced. Now you can search Amazon websites for artists, keywords or UPC codes, download album details and covers, and add them to your music database. If you own CueCat barcode scanner, you can just scan the UPC code from the CD case and OrangeCD will do the rest. Cataloging your music collection with the new version is easier than ever. Among other changes in this build are PNG importer fix and several cosmetic improvements.

 February 1 

OrangeCD Suite version 5.2.0 beta 2 was released. The major feature that was added is Windows Media (WMA) file support.

 January 30 

New theme was added to the Template gallery.

 January 25 

OrangeCD Suite version 5.2.0 beta 1 was uploaded to Beta page, featuring a new template editor application, better database performance, and improved date fields.
Back in 2003...

 November 12 

OrangeCD Suite version 5.1.0 final was released.

 October 26 

OrangeCD Suite version 5.1 beta 2 was released and available for download. The Beta page is here.

 October 16 

OrangeCD Suite received a positive review at CNET It was rated 5 out of 5 - the highest rating available. You can read the review and share your opinion at CNET website.

 October 7 

Beta version 5.1 has become available on Beta page. The beta features several new features, including ability to add albums via web download, without inserting physical CD, track editor, customizable album icons and number of minor improvements.

 August 28 

OrangeCD Suite version 5.0.2 was released, featuring several MP3 support improvements, one critical fix for printing problem and several minor fixes. The work on version 5.1 is in progress, next major update is planned for beginning of October.

 July 25 

OrangeCD Suite version 5.0.1 was released. This update includes support for Windows XP visual styles ("themes"), several performance improvements and many bug fixes. A complete list of changes is available on History page.

 June 1 

OrangeCD message boards are reopened after upgrade. Please visit new boards to find answers to your questions about OrangeCD Suite or share your own experience with new users.

 May 21 

OrangeCD message boards will be temporarily closed for spring cleanup and upgrade on May 24. The estimated offline time is 10 days. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause our valued customers. The web and e-mail based support will not be affected and will run on the normal schedule.

 May 8 

Online template gallery page is now open. There you will find some additional HTML export templates and themes. You can also submit your own templates. Click the Templates button on the left to visit the gallery.

 May 2 

Version 5.0 was released. Those who participated in the beta program have already tried the cool features of new version. For all others, here is the list of major changes implemented since the last official release:
  • MP3 support and automatic ID3 tag extraction,
  • multi-level, customizable content tree,
  • better support for multiple-disk sets,
  • fully customizable album and track displays,
  • artist sort names and spellings,
  • new advanced HTML export features and new templates,
  • query toolbar,
  • direct track access in OrangeCD Player.

 April 16 

Version 5.0 Beta 2 is available for download on Beta page.

 April 8 

Effective May 1st, the registration fee for OrangeCD Suite 5 will be $34.95. The sales of OrangeCD Suite version 4 will be closed on the same date. Since major version upgrades are free, this month is the last opportunity to purchase a license for the old price, $20.-. In other words, by registering now, you can get 43% discount towards the new price!

 April 4 

Version 5.0 Beta 1 was released. The list of changes and free download are available on Beta page.

 March 3 

Version 5.0 preview build 6303 was uploaded to Beta page.

 February 24 

Version 5.0 preview build 6223 was uploaded to Beta page.

 February 18 

Version 5.0 preview was updated to build 6217. You can download it from Beta page.

 February 9 

Service update for released version 4.3 was uploaded. The update fixes automatic numbering problem with simple number format. Version 5.0 beta branch was not changed this time.

 February 6 

The first public preview (pre-beta) of OrangeCD 5.0 was uploaded. More info on Beta page.
Back in 2002...

 November 20 

OrangeCD 4.3 build 5919 was published to Download section. This is a service release, it only contains a fix for application error at Record Catalog launch on some new Pentium 4 systems.

 September 28 

Today we announce the "official" list of features being implemented in version 5.0. Please note that this list is preliminary and can be changed without notice. Also, we reserve to ourselves right to throw in some features not listed here. Actually, some of the features were intentionally not included in the list to leave a space for surprise :-)
Customizable and templatizable album display. In new OrangeCD user interface, we will use the same templates as we use for HTML export, improved and expanded with additional features.
Tree view improvements. Multiple disk sets will be displayed as single item with subitems for each volume. The set of fields for browsing will be customizable, browsing by several fields will be allowed. For example, you will be able to display genres in first level of folders, artists on the second level, and actual albums on the third.
MP3 cataloging and automatic ID3 tag extraction. You will be able to import MP3 albums and separate songs into the database.
Links to external files. We will add ability to create links to external files, such as booklet scans or sound clips.
Links between artists. You will be able to establish links between artists using using one of the two relationship types. "Also known as" links will be used for different spelling of the same artist (for example: John Lennon and Lennon, John). One of these spellings will be declared as canonical name of artist and will be used for sorting. "See also" links will be used for artists that are related to each other (for example: The Beatles and John Lennon).
Seek bar in player. We will finally add absolute track positioning in OrangeCD Player.

 September 4 

Today we announce release of OrangeCD 4.3. While we began our work towards version 5.0, you can enjoy new features, improved performance and ease of use of the latest build. A list of features proposed for OrangeCD 5.0 will be published on this site in just a couple of days. In the mean time, download new build, and feel free to let us know what would you like to see in next version. Your opinion counts!

 August 15 

OrangeCD 4.3 beta 2 is available in Download section.

 July 30 

OrangeCD 4.3 beta 1 has been released. The major improvements are advanced search, bulk edit of multiple albums and automatic numbering. We've also added a couple of new fields and UI for some drop-down list customizations: category, genre and format lists are now editable. More info on this build's changes can be found on history page. Download new beta here.

 March 20 

OrangeCD 4.2 has been released. This final build does not introduce any new features since Beta 2, however, we made the best efforts optimizing and cleaning up the code. The overall performance has been improved, and many bugs have been fixed.

 February 21 

Beta 2 is available for download. The most important additions are the ability to transfer records between databases, editable track times and folder statistics. We also performed numerous optimizations throughout the code, and fixed some user experience bugs. For more information, check change history.

 January 11 

After four months of work and one hundred lattes, official OrangeCD 4.20 beta is available for download. The major improvements are template-driven HTML export, fine and robust printing and Windows XP support. FreeDB protocol level 5 is now supported, featuring automatic recognition of two additional fields: the genre and the year. You may take a look at the full change history for this build, or proceed directly to Download page.
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