Andrei.. Hi.. if you are still listening.. ;O)
Is there any advice you could give on building a alexa task that would work like the ones she already knows like Pandora etc..?

Something that I guess would create a playlist from your request... like "Alexa ask OCD to shuffle all tracks" Or "Alexa ask OCD to play jazz" or classical etc
Ideally I would like to ask "Alexa ask OCD to play all tracks with Eric Clapton as a performer" or really any populated field in OCD.

Anyone else listening that may have some input please chime in.

I currently have my echo dot connected to an iHome iPod dock that has a subwoofer and speakers and I am pleased with the sound. I just have a free pandora and spotify account and add my favorite artists to my account. Then I just ask alexa to shuffle pandora and it plays random tracks from those artist all day long.. with a few commercials thrown in once in a while.