Recently Andrei posted a link to a version 6.5.5 of OCD. (The link is not on the Home Page, but in a post here on the forum.) It solved the problem - for me at least - of cover art from Discogs. However, it created a new problem: this 6.5.5 version frequently becomes non-responsive and has to be closed by brute force. (I am using Windows 7.) It happens when I try to move to a new artist or album or change the display in any way. I solved this problem by reinstalling 6.5.4. I don't use Discogs enough for the lack of album art to bother me (better quality art is usually available elsewhere on the internet anyway and Discogs often returns so much junk info that considerable editing is usually required). Andrei has said that a new 6.5.5 will be posted soon, but I'll be keeping a copy of the 6.5.4 installer just in case.