As you may know, the OrangeCD database supports a number of “custom fields” that the user can configure. I have created a theme that uses data stored in custom fields to accomplish the following:
- Link up to four PDF files (with pre-determined filenames) to each album
- Link up to three files of any type (with filenames that the user can freely specify) to each album
- Add up to four image files to each album, which are displayed on the album page together with the album cover
- Store these external files either in the same folder as the album’s media files or in any directory the user specifies

The "" file (link below) includes the following three files:
1. The new theme file
2. A blank database with the custom fields configured to work with the theme
3. A PDF document that first explains how to use these features and then provides detailed information about how they are implemented

Please post feedback and share any enhancements you come up with.