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Thread: Is There A Limit To How Many Megabytes You Can Use In A Database??

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    Default Is There A Limit To How Many Megabytes You Can Use In A Database??

    I have recently gone on a major cd buying spree. I already have 3,455 cd's
    in my database, with over 100 more on the way. I have noticed that the more
    cd's I add, the longer it takes to load up. And now today, I had problems entering
    the database. It kept freezing up, so I had to reboot my pc to get it to load again.
    I just deleted a few cd's to make sure this doesn't happen again. I am up to 290.38
    megabytes. So my question is, is there a limit, because it seems to me that I have
    reached it. Is there anything I can do to continue on with this same database, or
    will I need to start a new one. Like a part 2. I REALLY don't want to do this though.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Lance.

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    Hmm... not sure why your database is so large..

    this is may stats...
    Size: 33.17 megabytes
    Total records: 7030

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    Frederf, yours is the typical size of the db,
    maybe Lanciferion's database contains hi-scan artworks stored inside, instead of storing them in an external folder
    (in this case, even if it has stored inside small jpg/gif pictures of almost 35kb each, if you multiply by 3.445 you'll reach easily 120mb only for storing pictures data...)

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    Yes. That is exactly why. My images are large
    sometimes, and that is obviously becoming an
    issue. I guess no one has a solution.

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    Backup your database, then follow these steps:

    It will fix the performance issues.

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    Thanks Andrei. I was hoping you would read this.
    I didn't want to bother you with trivial stuff, but so
    glad u popped in to help. I will try this when I get home.

    Thanks again buddy!! U rule!!

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    I see Andrei told you the solution, maybe I was cryptical when I said to store them in an external folder, what I meant is what Andrei showed in that thread.

    Andrei, do you have news for us about the new db-engine you were working on ?

    Cheers all

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