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Thread: Adding the same lyrics to multiple tracks

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    Default Adding the same lyrics to multiple tracks

    I tried selecting multiple tracks to add lyrics because the tracks were settings of exactly the same text. You cannot do so.

    I have to:
    a) not bother and just enter the lyrics once
    b) enter them for each track individually
    c) enter the lyrics under Personal Notes which does allow multiple entry

    Not a major problem but any comment?

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    Usually I don't use the lyrics field for my collection, not yet, but you're right,
    if you can enter the same notes for multiple tracks, it's a weird choice not giving the same feature for the lyrics field,
    Andrei should think about this..

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    I'd like the ability to mark multiple tracks, even on different albums, as using the same data. The purpose: I have a large collection of compilation type albums, so I have some songs several times. It would be nice if they could be "linked" so that a change in one places changes them all. Or, failing that, a way to copy all the data from one track to another, so that I could click a button and Orange would check its database, and report something like, "Found several artist/title matches. Copy data from one of them into this t

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