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Thread: Syncronization?

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    Here is just a wild guess...

    Check your Album Artist Tags... I had some problems with that once.

    Another problem that I had to over come was hyphens in the titles... Danzig II - Lucifuge showed up as Danzig II as artist and Lucifuge as the album title even though the Artist was Danzig. I have changed some of them to Danzig II (Lucifuge) so I don't have that problem.

    And yet one more problem I had... I was noticing that some of my albums had a time of 0:00. I found out that this problem must have been with the tags because when I totally deleted the tags and rebuilt them the problem seemed to go away.

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    OK.. I poked around and noticed that The Beatles was filed as The Beatles instead of Beatles,The like all the other "The" groups were. So I selected all beatles albums and tried to change the properties/artist, files as Beatles,The but it wouldn't let me. Said something about a conflict with artist name or something... So.. I checked the Artist profile and found George Martin listed under the display tab/primary name. I did a select all and changed that and resynced and that fixed my problem up at R&T....

    So... nevermind ;O)

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