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Thread: Users of OrangeCD: Satisfied or not??

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    I bought OrangeCD back in 2001, even after switching to Macs a few years ago, I'm still using OCD (via Parallels on my MacBookPro).

    Although OCD is not perfect, and there are many features that could/should be implemented, I haven't found a suitable alternative that meets my needs as well as OCD.

    So, satisfied??? I guess so!! ;-P

    Now a Mac OSX compatible version of OCD.... that WOULD be cool!

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    i'm using three programs, because every program has its assets and limitations:

    OCD - for fast overwiew and search and the integration with racks and tags
    Tag & rename - for fast writing and changing id-tags
    helium Music manager - for playing and managing my whole music collection, changing id-tags, and information about artists etc.

    heliums strength is the possibility to use mysql or sql databases or access db, so its very flexible and if you use mysql you can take these db to your website if you want. But for a simple search its to slow, so i use ocd for that. imho theres is no faster databased program.

    with helium you can also tag, but it takes time for writing changes. Its no problem if you change some files, but for a larger amount its not that comfortable. So i use for that work tag and rename. it is fast and high customizeable.

    ps: for searching for covers i use album art downloader it searches in discogs, google, amazon and so on.

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    Default can't log in, can't get help with it from tech support

    well, I joined the Racks and Tags site in April but I have yet to log in: doesn't respond to my password or any of the passwords that have been sent to be by the password-reset system.
    Can't get a reply to my inquiry about this from tech support, either.

    I was wanting to purchase OrangeCD suite but thought I'd first check out the Racks and Tags offering of theirs, but so far I'm not too impressed.

    anyone else have problems getting help from tech support to let you log in??



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    everyone has explained pros & cons of OCD, but actually no one explained well one of the most important features of OCD: the great support of JavaScript language to customize OCD the way you want.

    My OCD main theme and Export theme (the feature to export in html format your collection in your web site, without using Racks & Tags) have JavaScript functions that often do what actually OCD doesn't, or simply what I think is useful for me that OCD has to do (and maybe te majority of users don't consider useful).

    This means that OCD is a great software for common users who don't know anything of programming and want to easily organize their collection and customize it with OCD's standard features, but then OCD could reveal itself as an OUTSTANDING SOFTWARE if you like to "program" it the way you want....

    ...I don't know if there are other music catalog sw that could allow you to do this, but I'm very happy I found OCD!!!!

    The majority of the requests on the forum aim often to increase the built-in features or to add something new in this software... ...if bugs are found (no sw is perfect...) I always noticed Andrei gave support as he usually does for features request...

    Actually I have few things left to ask Andrei that I personally would like to have in OCD, but they're "extras".. ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by harleygirl View Post
    Simply stated , this software is the best music collection software to have bar none.
    I think harleygirl says it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Mole View Post
    I think harleygirl says it all.
    And Jazz North! Above all, OCD is practical, effective and FUN! And it's great to be able to actually have an input into its development - thanks for all your efforts, Andrei - they are much appreciated.

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    Thumbs up Sooo Satisfied!!!!

    I've been using OCD for close to 7 years. I can tell you that I've not yet found a Cataloging software where users are really the driving force behind its development, as it is in this case. I have a very small DB of +1000 CD's of mostly rare Cuban & Afro-Cuban music, and never had a a problem that I was not able to resolve.
    Moreover, the forum support is excellent,and effective. So Satisfied? You bet I'm!!!! This software has mature over the years, mostly because of the input of thousands of people who believed in it. OCD is not a perfect software indeed, and I agree that you should not wait that long for Andrei to resolve this log in issues. But let's give Andrei a big thank you for his efforts to be open minded and receptive to all these enhancement requests. It is much appreciated. Hope you will have your issues resolved as soon as possible.


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    I searched for years to find the best CD Cataloging program. And this is it. I'm pretty picky about every aspect of my collection - which is why I think the abbreviation "OCD" is so appropriate.

    I love this program. It rocks!

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    Hi all

    after long time work with Orange CD i like to give all a short report over my experience.

    The Software on self is a great intervention on Customer based expectation. Its design for Beginners and Experts.
    The handling is easy and together with other tools such as Auomatic tag re-searcher or Cover Down loader the best tool on the Market.

    With few clicks you get your own catalog of you Collection and can provide to your Friends and/or Publish in the Web.

    The Basic Expedience is enough to handling the HTML export. for experts and Html Programmers is it easy to learn and understand the Scripting for the Export.

    But nothing is Perfect as anybody know.

    - easy User interface
    - simple handling of Import
    - simple modify of Details
    - useful Query Search
    - creation of Box-sets
    - Artist and track Details free configurable
    - Notes / Biography /Artist-photo can be add
    - Html and other export Format's can be use

    some Problems found:
    - if Tag's is saved as UTF-8 Code (Unicode) lost Lyrics
    ( is Fix by Andrej in the next Update )
    - Track Year is not Import correct
    ( only if all tracks has same Date )
    - some time in large Database is the Cover not import in the correct Size
    (easy to maintain)
    - Database becomes unstable if a large selection of Entry's is to modify
    ( sample: 100 Enrty's modify the Category)
    - missing " search and replace" command
    - no import of XLS (Excel) sheet's

    - better help file for the temp-let creator
    - with samples for the script's
    - more explainable "how to do"
    - in Scanning of Mp3 better tag recognizing (more Fields import)

    Jhonnie / Malaysia

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    well im using the trial, i have to say that im liking its functions.
    a few more themes for export would be nice but thats no real big issue.

    what i dont like is the lack of support. i ask a ?? and no 1 even makes a reply, more so the creator. im guessing your not that interested in getting new members to purchase your software.

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