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Thread: Orange CD Catalog is running slow

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    Default Orange CD Catalog is running slow


    It is running so slow I can't even use it. Help!

    I think I saw a patch to fix it in another forum from back in April but the link to the patch does not work.

    I am a registered owner so please help me get it fixed.


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    Default Re: Orange CD Catalog is running slow

    Try this solution:



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    Andrei - I have been running the external-stored images and no thumbnails since I started. I have my DB file local and I am using a new HP Laptop with WinXP. I have a collection of 35,000 CDs and 5,000 LPs. I have nearly 10,000 items entered and the application is so slow that is naerly unusable. Generally this is when I click the "Preview and And..." button or "Properties" on an album because I want to change the Location value or something else.

    I am a SQL DB programmer by profession, so I don't think even this number of albums extended by the number of tracks should be problematic for a sound DB solution.

    What can be done to improve performance in my situation. I am expecting too much from OrangeCD to be responsive repository for a collection of my size?

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