G'day.. please let me know if these features are already part of OrangeCD and I just haven't figured out how to select them. My suggestions are not major features, just nice-to-have tweaks in my opinion.

(1) Even when you have the option "Navigate to new CD when done" selected, it doesn't do so on the Folders Pane.
To put it another way, let's say you're viewing "Entire Collection" and you select a CD Album on the right-hand side, it should also select the corresponding Artist and Album on the left (Folders Pane).

(2) When scanning a new CD that happens to be an unknown "New Artist" (and it adds it to the New Artist folder) it should be highlighted somehow on the Folders Pane so you're not looking for it (e.g. like a different coloured folder) and not look just like the rest. Instead of just "New Artist" maybe any latest addition should be highlighted so it's obvious which artist's folder the CD you just scanned was added to.

(3) There should be an option to default the Artist's Sort name in "swapped" mode (i.e. Last name, First name) or to bulk edit update as such.