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Thread: German Song Titles Wrongly Sorted

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    Default German Song Titles Wrongly Sorted

    I have a lot of German songs in my collection (classical and modern). There is an anomaly when sorting the tracks alphabetically in track title mode. Many song titles in German begin with the word "an" which means "to". The best known one maybe is Schubert's "An die Musik". OCD thinks "an" is the indefinite article and sorts the title on the second word, i.e. out of alphabetical order. This is no more than a minor irritant, but is there a way round this?

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    Click menu View -> Preferences, Database tab. Select "Ignorable words" and click Customize. Remove "a" and "an" from the list as apparently they don't do any good in German. You may also want to add German-specific "das", "die", etc. in this dialog box.

    When finished, press OK in both dialogs to save your changes.


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    Thanks for the advice. I have removed "an" and "a". As long as I don't have any song English titles starting with the word "Die" - none so far - I shall be all right telling it to ignore "der" "die" and "das", as you suggest.

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    This is neat -- I hadn't realized this capability existed. I also added ignorable words for both French and Italian. Except for 'I', as in 'I Puritani', due to possible conflicts with English. I guess one can't have everything. Sigh. But this is close. Love ya, OCD.


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