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    How do I sort for the Thumbnail view? If I sort the Table view, the sort order doesn't carry over to the Thumbnail view. I use a classical layout, and generally sort by coposer, so maybe the composer field doesn't carry over? (I notice that in the Thumbnail view the 'hover over' doesn't show the composer, only the artist, title plus some other items.)

    Thnx Bill

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    If I understand correctly, get your entire collection into the VIEW pane in TABLE view. Then sort by COMPOSER, then click on THUMBNAIL view. That should do the trick!

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    Got it. You made me look farther into what I was doing. I was sorting in the table view (by clicking on the column heading) and then switching over to the thumbnails view. That order didn't carry over. I also didn't quite tell the whole story -- I like to sort on title within composer. In the table view, I can do this by sorting on the title heading first, and then on the composer. But, as noted, it doesn't carry over to the thumbnails view -- just the composer order carries over (titles aren't necessarily sorted).

    HOWEVER, if I set up a custom sort using that option under the sort selection on the view dropdown menu, to do a composer then title sort, it will work. Then both the table and thumbnail view appear as desired.

    I also notice if that one then clicks on the column heads in the table view to sort in a different order, that sort takes precedence over (and indeed replaces) the custom sort order. Whatever way you sorted last, by whichever method you choose, is what is in effect.

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    Very useful info! I had been wondering the same thing. ;D

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    To sort thumbnails view, right-click and select Sort -> Custom.(Alternatively, click menu View -> Sort -> Custom.) Then select columns by which you want to sort the list and add them to the right list. Press OK.


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