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Thread: Outrageous Request

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    Thank you for the excellent instructions. Based on your advice, I was able to make the album page appear exactly as I wanted. I am really thrilled.

    Armed with the knowledge of how to comment out things and bolstered by the success on the album page, I also played around with the start page and removed some links that I didn't need there.

    This all just highlights how many possibilities OrangeCd really provides. I know of no other software that would allow this degree of customization.

    Thanks again.

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    "I know of no other software that would allow this degree of customization."

    OT, but there is one - CATraxx.

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    "... but there is one - CATraxx"

    ...and yet here you are, posting on the OrangeCD forum! What could that possibly tell us?

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    Hi Charles

    I'm glad it worked.

    I agree, OCD is very flexible - thanks to Andrei's excellent work. And it's just getting better.

    OCD beats anything else I've tried out (including CATraxx...) I'm not saying that there aren't several other excellent programs on the market. But none of them suit my needs the way OCD does.

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