Just because I would like another template feature (see the templates forum) does not mean I think OrangeCD is lacking in *any* way.

In fact, and additions are, in my opinion, just that: added bonusses. In my years of collecting muisc in various formats and efforts to organise them, I have used a number of ways, several computer programs, *all* of which I had to abandon after a certain amount of time because they proved inadequate in any number of ways. Doubly frustrating because that meant I had to start from scratch in another format or organisational form.

I have never been as delighted with any organisational product as I am with OrangeCD, and I am ecstatic about the value for money this product offers. The simplicity of the functions combined with a veritably huge possibility of personal settings and tweaks makes this product stand out a mile over all the others.

Thanks, Andrei.