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    I like the program and the Clean look it has. I tried many different programs before sticking with this one. What I've done with my database is catalog all my CDs & Tapes...with doing that came the idea of making it also like a jukebox with tons of info.

    One Thing I would like to see is a media button near the song title, so you could play mp3s or wavs ect...

    what I've done is to use the web links to link the songs files, but takes forever having to manually enter the full location of the file.

    if a button isnt in the works, at least add a browse button in the weblink where you enter the url.

    Anyway thanks for a great program

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    sorry about the double message ???

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    I would really like to be able to play MP3's also. I had the same idea to use the web link but I couldn't get it to work. How did you get your player to execute?

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    We have plans of improving MP3 support. These are the items from the task list:
    1 - "Add MP3 album" function that will scan folders on both local hard drive or replaceable media and retrieve embedded MP3 tags.
    2 - An ability to add links to actual MP3 files
    3 - Open button to play MP3/WAV/etc. in external player.
    3 (not sure about this) - Play button to preview MP3 within the application.

    This is not exactly what you described, but very close. Please let me know your opinion. Thanks,


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