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Thread: Custom fields in grid view

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    Just registered the software after my evaluation. Transferred my whole collection of 1300 CD's in less than half an hour from DiscPlay. really like this software..
    Anyway, to the features
    I would like to see my custom fields when I am browsing the collection in the righthand pane. There are two possibilities- Thumbnails and report. I woudl like when i'm in Report mode to be able to select all columns from the DB - the regualr and the custom. Currently, only the default fields are available.
    Also I would like better printouts - two columns, artist/album/year only. Export is generally OK, but again, too few options there


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    I've just uploaded a new beta. It is going to be version 4.20.

    In new version, you can add all the fields to the grid (including custom fields). The printing was improved as well. You can select which columns to print, and even include thumbnails to your pages.

    I hope it will work well for you.


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