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Thread: OrangeCD 5.0

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    Default OrangeCD 5.0

    Hey all,

    While we still are doing it all with 4.3 beta 1 ;D here are some things to think about for the next big release

    Some of these are most likely mentioned already, so here is a little reminder : Lyrics export in HTML and filename export instead of the entire html tag, to name the most important ones.

    MP3 has been a topic also, to be able to catalog those to in the dbase... would be nice if they can be linked to the original album info (complete with export) :P OR (forgive my temporary insanity) link it to a videoclip ;D

    I can already see a page with the album info and 3 small buttons behind (or where ever) the songs that says.. show lyrics, play mp3, play mpeg :P :P :P

    umm... that's it for now... 8)

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    Default Re: OrangeCD 5.0

    Hi Sealed,

    thanks for requests.


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    Default Re: OrangeCD 5.0

    It would be nice, if You'll add this feature: "Forward" button in Lyric's window. It will be great, if Lyric window would has cover and little song list. It would be wonderful, if lyric's window would change with current played song.
    And I very want to have ability to have one cover to many discs (for example, two-discs albums).

    Thanks for Your works
    & sorry for my bad english :-[

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