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    Hey All!,

    Thanks for the terrific program...It has kept me awake many nights toiling away at my databases.

    My question is when I view my Mp3 database (which is separate from my original cd database), It shows the artist fine, but then does not consolidate the albums together, and I have to click on the album title to view which track it is. I make Mp3's from my own CD's so I would like to view the Artist followed by the Album, then the track list for said Albums....I have not found a way to customize this particular issue...have you any insights? Perhaps an Ogg Vorbis search is in the works also? (I'm getting greedy)

    Thanks again for this super database, and the great media player


    By the way, I check the website daily for updates (I'm horribly addicted), and for those searching for album art, the best single source I found was [url][/url] those who don't know! ;D

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    Hi Amagadog,

    Unfortunately, there is no way (so far) to add track listings to the content tree, so you'll have to click to see each particular album's tracks.

    Ogg Vorbis support is not planned for next two minor releases, but it is possible that it will be added in future. Thanks,


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