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    I searched the forums but couldn't find anything about this. Most of my covers are 300x300 jpgs. When I set OrangeCD to display the pics at 300x300 resolution on the album pages they look blurry and jaggedy. If the program doesn't have to resize the images, shouldn't they look normal...?


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    It may have some thing to do on how your monitor displays - i.e. ( 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 ) try the setting other than your current one. Mine is 800x600 @ 200x200 pixels. Worth a try maybe.


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    Hi Brad,

    Do you have a latest version of OrangeCD? Versions (prior to had some issues with JPEG quality, but they all are fixed now. And you are right, if the image is already 300x300 pixels, OrangeCD won't resize it (therefore, it will display faster).

    Also, where did the image come from? Could it be that it was originally packed with low JPEG quality? "Jaggedness" of the image implies there is strong JPEG compression used in the image...


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