This was touched apon in another thread, but I am wondering, see, I like the format in the browser window on the right. Click on a song name, and it takes you to another screen, where you can see the lyrics, etc. Can we do this? I want to make a template that shows the covers, and provides the lyrics for songs when clicked on (or, heck, another screen with lyrics and a link to d/l a sample of each song ... this I would probably only do for my favorite songs!).

So, actually, this is what I am thinking:

Main page:
Screen full of covers with artist/album name under it. If you mouse over the cover, it flips over and shows the list of songs, and each has a link to the lyrics/sample file, whatever. Well, first off I do not think I can even put links in an image (or can I?), but, at least if it could flip to another page, and show the list of songs, that would have links so the lyrics/song sample(s) .... that would probably be enough ! Also, I wouldn't mind useing this for an interface to my MP3 collection (kind of like Snowcrash - remote MP3 control through IE).

So, what do you all think? Thanks.