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Thread: Merging 2 databases

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    Smile Merging 2 databases

    For various reasons i have 2 db. on Orange. I would like to merge them into one db. Talking about 3,000 items in each.Can this be done fairly easily? I will obviously save copies first, just in case......

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    There may be other ways, but this is pretty simple and works. Caution! If the two databases have different custom fields, you will lose the custom data from the second database.
    1) Copy both of your databases!
    2) Open one of the two - the final database will have the name of this database (and the custom fields from this database only)
    3) Database > Import > Import from OrangeCD database
    4) Select your second database
    5) OCD gives the option of importing everything in the second database or selecting entries to import
    6) Next
    7) Finish

    Give it some time and you should have both together.
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