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    While it is not the most common thing, I am seeing more and more box sets that include both a CD (or CDs) and a DVD. For example, the first two Miles Davis "Bootleg" box sets from Sony Legacy each have three CDs and a DVD. However, the OCD rules for box sets require that Format must be the same for all units in the box set. This makes it difficult to keep a good catalogue of my music collection. I know that OCD cannot play or queue DVD's or read their content, but as far as I can tell, it can't play or queue all the cds in a box set with one click either. For the time being I simply cheat and set format for the DVDs as CD and manually enter the information that I know about the content (recording date, musicians, song titles if they are available) and then give it them a part title that includes "DVD". I can see no good reason why there is this restriction on box sets anyway and hope that IF there is a revision to OCD it is done away with.

    Added later: Somewhat inexplicably, OCD DOES NOT require that the Label field be the same for all discs in a box set. I would have thought that there were two essentials to a box set: one title, one label. Exactly why Format has to be the same, but Label not is very puzzling.
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