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Thread: Orange CD does not show the second cd

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    Default Orange CD does not show the second cd

    I am using Orange CD for many many years and I love it, never had a problem and use it every day.
    Last week I Installed it on a second PC and here I have a strange problem, I can't solve myself.

    If I want to play a double cd, the program can't play the second cd.
    I get a message that media playback failed because he can't find the file.
    It happens with all double cd's, not only one.
    But if I look up the cd in the left pane it's there and I can even play it with F7.

    On both computers the database is on a separate Harddisk.
    Si I thought it was a problem with the HD or with a corrupted dab file, But If I change the HD's the problem is still there.
    So I thought maybe there was a problem with installing the program, so I reinstalled Orange CD. Problem not solved yet.

    Could it be in the preferences some where? I guess not, but maybe it is possible?
    I play the music via Foobar. Maybe there is the problem?
    Does anybody has a solution for this strange problem?

    Thanks in advance

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    Problem solved.
    Later, when I connected the same HD to another computer Windows gave me a message that there was a problem with the HD, scanned it, repaired the problem and now OrangeCD is working perfectly again.
    Waisted a lot of time for nothing, but happy I can listen again to a complete double cd. Strange problem, isn't it?


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