I am finally getting around to scanning my CD booklets. My entire collection is classical, and as you may know, classical CDs often have quite extensive booklets.

Initially I OCRd the booklets and included the electronic text in the “Personal notes/Review” field for the album. However, some booklets are too long and of course all formatting, images, etc. from the booklets is lost.

What I would like to do instead is convert each booklet into a single PDF file, and have a link on the album page in OrangeCD to the PDF file. As you know, OCD does not offer the functionality right now to add anything to an album except one cover image and then the media files.

I was wondering if it would be possible to achieve the desired result via programming of the theme. Not being a programmer, this may all be a pipedream, but if the PDF file is placed in the same directory as the media files, would it be possible to program the theme to look in the “Album path” directory for a file ending in “*.pdf” and then displaying a link to that file on the album page?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, this spring marks my 10 year anniversary using OCD...