Do you have any idea why OCD is not consistent in how it handles Artist Sort Names in collaborations? Here are a few examples of the problem:

Art Pepper & George Cables;Tête-À-Tête
Art Pepper & Warne Marsh;Art N Warne
Pepper, Art & Zoot Sims;Art 'N' Zoot

Baker, Chet & Lee Konitz;In Concert
Baker, Chet & Russ Freeman;Chet Baker Quartet with Russ Freeman
Chet Baker & Art Pepper;Playboys

Why is Art Pepper not Pepper, Art in the first two examples when it is properly Pepper, Art in the 3rd? If OCD has Baker, Chet in the 4th & 5th examples, why does it show Chet Baker in the 6th?

It is consistently inconsistent (Art Pepper & George Cables is always that way and Pepper, Art & Zoot Sims is always that way).

Stan Jones