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    I was wondering if anybody can help. OCD recently crashed and will not start again. I tried restoring to an earlier time and even deleting and reinstalling but nothing worked. I have Windows 7 64 bit and never had any problems before. I just get a windows error message saying Orange Cd Catalog has stopped working...check online for a solution...blah blah.
    under problem details it says APPCRASH for problem event. here is a picture.

    As stated before I have uninstalled restarted computer then reinstalled and same thing.. any help is appreciated. EDIT: When I start the program it immediately shows that little screen and no ocd exe is showing in task manager.

    EDIT : After trying various things. I opened another database I had and it opened up flawlessly. My database must have been corrupt . I just deleted the bad database file, renamed the other one , and restored from a backup and ALL is WELL.

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