One of the excellent features of OCD is the grouping feature Andrei introduced several years ago. This allows an OCD user to properly organise and display works with several movements. Here is an example from an album with Stravinsky's Violin Concerto:

Violin Concerto in D major
1. Toccata 5:38
2. Aria 1 4:05
3. Aria II 5:07
4. Capriccio 5:57

And, yes, it would be much better if this carried through to RacksandTags. What I am interested in here, however, is playing the whole work from OCD. It would be a great addition if one could simply click on the work/group title (Violin Concert in D major, in this case) and have the first movement (Toccata) start playing and the others queue or to have all the movements queue, depending on one's choice. I suspect that would be a fair bit of programming and for those who use Media Monkey there is an easy work around. MM has an extension called LinkedTracks that works like Grouping. If the first track in a Linked set is clicked to play, then when it starts to play all the other tracks in the Linked set are put into the Now playing list in MM. And if a first track is clicked to play next or play last (both MM options for building a playlist) it is added to the now playing list and when it starts, the rest of the tracks in the Linked set are added immediately after it.

Solution: Match grouped tracks in OCD with linked tracks in MM. Click to play the first track of a work in OCD and it will start in MM and the rest of tracks will added to the MM playlist. Click to queue the first track in OCD and it will be added to the end of the MM now playing list and when it eventually starts playing the linked tracks will be added immediately after it to the list. I don't know if other players have extensions or components similar to MM's LinkedTracks, but that MM does makes it a very useful companion to OCD. (I have no investment in MM or its parent company, other than my time in setting it up on my computer, in Media Monkey.)