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Thread: Should I buy OrangeCD? Please advice!

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    Default Should I buy OrangeCD? Please advice!

    Dear Users,

    I have around 1000 CDs and thousands of mp3 files to catalogue. For files, I have used MediaMonkey. Very powerful but inadeguate for physical CDs cataloguing. I have tried Data, powerful but...with the last upgrade I lost a custom field used for my cataloguing need and I need to start again...Looking for alternatives, I have restricted my search to OrangeCD and Music Collector. I have tried them in parallel

    Music Collector
    More expensive. You have to pay for every new release. All the covers of CDs of my test were correctly identified

    Better price and licence. Some CDs were not properly identified. Wrong covers. More serious interface. Has a user forum! Has a nicer "feeling"

    I am really unable to choose at the moment. I am especially worried about Orangecd future. Is is still going to be developed? I have read some post about the need of a change of the database engine and the lack of time of the author to do that....

    Having to start from schratch... is this the best boat to jump in?

    Thank you!


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    if you read the sticky "Users of OrangeCD: Satisfied or not??" you could have a better idea of what OCD is...

    as I said in that thread, OCD is also highly customizable relating to your skill in "playing" with the templates JS/html code...

    About the future, Andrei has always developed tool for migrating databases, so I'm quite sure that a new OCD would have that tool

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    Absolutely, Mario!!! Jump right in!!! I'm up to 12,000 entries, and haven't stopped yet...It's really the most ideal program out there now...and I'm learning some cool new tricks all the time...The key is to purchase the program, and try out all the features you can...The more you use it, the more "a-ha" moments you'll have with it, and with a database (or two) like mine, any shortcuts I can use definitely makes things easier!!! Just remember to back everything up once in a while, and you're good to go!!!

    A quick note: On occasion, you might have to deal with a few quirks, too, but the forum is a good place to get your questions answered.
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