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    Default second image file?

    Hi. I use Orange CD for classical music and jazz, I have a large collection. Amazon (and I am guessing other sites) are now posting images of the back of many CD covers. Is is possible to add into a future version of OrangeCD the capacity to include a second cover image? It would be a great feature. Thanks.

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    Wow, after a year, I figure why not respond. I'm sure you have checked every day for a reply.

    As far as I can remember (and I did not go back to look at earlier posts), this feature was requested years ago. I use OCD every day and feel a need for this feature probably every second day. It is not just the back cover that would be useful to have, but also pictures, etc. from the booklet (particularly applicable to classical CDs, which often have extensive documentation). Frankly I would find it useful to have an image of the CD spine as well, to make it easier to spot on the shelf.

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