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    I am trying to locate all the cds in my collection on which someone plays organ. This would be entered under the role field on the Musicians tab in Album or Track Properties. There is even a "complete the fill-in" for organ in that field. Yet there is no way to search for roles. It is not one of the fields in the pulldown under Query-Advanced. If I use the [any field] field, then I get lots of cds I don't want since it includes those where a track title includes organ (as in The Organ Grinder) and some where I cannot even figure out the field where OCD found "organ". I tried to create a boolean condition such as:
    [any field] contains organ and not title contains organ
    but OCD does not have a way to create and not conditions.
    [any field] contains organ and title does not contain organ
    doesn't work because that would exclude only cds on which every title contained organ (I know, I tried it).

    Any suggestions?

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    I would use Credits:Any - Is Exactly - Organ

    This would in my case not find all organ players, only those entered under Musicians + instrument when they are not the main artist. It would not find those entered as the main artist (as in the case of Bach solo works, for example) when there is not actually any reference to the organ.

    It is a bit of an anomaly that when a singer appears under Musician as a contributor to an opera, say, you can add soprano, alto, tenor or bass but as the main artist they are just Artist. I suppose if you wanted to be comprehensive you would enter them as Artist and also Musician, but I couldn't really be bothered to do that.

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