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    Default Feature Suggestion: Scanner Interface


    'though OrangeCD finds most of the covers needed, sometimes it is necessary to scan the orginal cover. It would be nice to have a function to do this directly from the artwork tab.

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    Depending on how your scanner works, this might not give you the results you want. Mine scans the entire page, which means it would have a lot of white space around it. It does offer a mode where it tries to isolate an image, but this tends to make poor decisions about the borders.

    What I do is use the GIMP, a free image editor that can interact with TWAIN compatible devices like scanners. I fix up the image as I need to, save it and import it. Not as efficient as what you want, but it works for me.

    You can also visit the Album Art Exchange, where others have scanned covers to much of the popular catalogue in various sizes. They're pretty picky, so the images there are high quality. Find them at [url][/url].

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