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    Build (February 25, 2012)
    * Bug fix:
    o Restored Amazon querying functionality

    New thread for the latest release.

    Please, if possible, use this thread for any bugs etc pertaining to build 6.4.9.

    I think it makes it easier to follow like this. If having one thread for each release does not make sense please let me know and I will not start any new threads for future releases.


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    I have found no bugs, but there some issues Andrei told me were going to be addressed in this release, but weren't included. They were

    1. Grouptitle - a new field added when groups were introduced is not one of the fields that can be selected for a column in tracks view. If it were then it would make the construction of playlists from classical albums much simpler.

    2. When a custom field is changed (a new name, for example, as when I changed Notably to Recommendations) it shows up out of place alphabetically. It is still in the order where it would be under its old name. Custom fields do show up in the correct alphabetic order when choosing columns in tracks view.

    The 1st is pretty important, the second isn't essential, but makes searching a bit simpler.

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