Regarding "Track Properties", when you right click on a track, how hard would it be to have a "Select All" button, that would highlight ALL of the tracks, and you could paste them anywhere...into a notepad, or another "Track Properties" box?...Say you have an original album, a reissue with different artwork, and a remastered version...same exact tracks...Of course, you could delete all the tracks, too, but there's already a "Delete All Tracks" option under "Modify"...What about "Copy All Tracks" under "Modify"?

The other thing...what about when you right click on the "General" tab, and you get a drop-down box, how about under "Select All", there be an option to "Change Case", and a menu featuring the same 4 options as in the "Track Properties"..."lowercase...UPPERCASE...Leading cap...Leading Caps"

Am I making any sense here? Is this do-able?