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Thread: Strange sorting behaviour

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    Default Strange sorting behaviour

    I have a number of cds with collaborative artists, but they do not consistently sort. The problem is more widespread but I'll use two Chet Baker cds as an example.

    1. Chet Baker & Lee Konitz "In Concert"
    2. Chet Baker & Russ Freeman "Chet Baker Quartet with Russ Freeman"

    There are other Chet Baker, Russ Freeman and Lee Konitz cds in the collection without collaborators.

    When I sort by Artist (Sort Name) 1 sorts correctly as Baker, Chet & Lee Konitz and is ordered right after the Baker, Chet cds without a collaborator, but 2 sorts as Chet Baker & Russ Freeman and appears after Cherry, Don.

    About half of my collaborative cds sort like 1 and half like 2. Why?

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    This might sound like a stupid question, but did you check the respective "Sort name" settings on the "Display" tab of the "Artist Profile" for the discs that sort incorrectly?


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