Since we seem to be making a want list for Andrei, here's mine. It would really be helpful to be able to break a set of tracks that are in one folder on the hard drive into separate disks in OCD. I've recently purchased Casals' Bach Cello Suites from iTunes; it downloads into one folder although it is from two cds (36 tracks, 18 per cd); this is - in my experience - true of all multiple disk downloads from iTunes and from the Naxos and Chandos sites, as well. And to make matters worse, OCD orders the tracks 1 from disk 1=1, 1 from disk 2=2, 2 from disk 1=3, 2 from disk 2=4, etc.) The only way to get OCD to recognize it as two cds and have the tracks in correct order appears to be to create two folders (Disk 1 and Disk 2) within the Cello Suites folder; then copy the correct tracks to each folder, and then have OCD add them. The tracks also have to be deleted from iTunes and then re-added after being sorted into folders. Since OCD can break a list of tracks into LP sides why can't it break a list of tracks into separate cds?