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    Box sets show up as 1 CD on racksandtags. Is there anyway to show the # of CDs accurately? For example, I recently databased and uploaded Edward Elgar - The Complete Collection. This is a 30cd set and should show up as 30 cds, not 1.



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    Online albums should replicate exactly what's in your OrangeCD database. Make sure that the album shows up as 30CD, not 1CD in your local database, then sync using menu Tools -> Publish on Racks and Tags.

    If you see 30CD locally, but online database is still 1CD, try using full sync option:

    1. menu View -> Preferences
    2. Racks and Tags tab
    3. Check "force full synchronization" option
    4. press OK
    5. menu Tools -> Publish on Racks and Tags. It will take longer, but that way OrangeCD will go extra length to ensure local and online database are in sync.


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    Thanks for the response. It appears that the entire Haydn 33-CD box set is showing up. However, when I select the artist Adam Fischer (the composer in this case), it only shows that he has one album, when in fact it is a 33-cd set.

    I would have expected it to list Adam Fischer has having a 33 albums.

    What I'd like to see in addition to the "# of albums" statistic is a "# of cds" statistic? Many albums are in fact multi-CDs. However in the case of classical, it is often that box sets are re-releases of albums released as a single set.



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