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    Default Question about Album Path

    I use the Album Path feature to link to my ripped MP3s so I can play them from inside Orange. I am considering moving the directory where these files are stored. This would invalidate all of the Album Path entries. Is there a function of Orange that can repair them? It looks like Library/Rescan Entire Library might do this, but I don't want it to "fix" any field except Album Path. Specifically, I don't want it to rebuild the library from the ID3 tags.

    I made test databases by importing data into a new database, and then removed the Album Path. On a rescan, Orange did not fix the path to this album. I then made a test database without that particular entry, and on a rescan it did find it, and correctly fill in the album path. Evidently if there is an existing entry matching what it finds, it does not modify that. Most of the time that's what you'd want - but it would sure be nice to have a way to update album paths that's less tedious than what it looks like I'd have to do: fix 'em all by hand.

    Anyone done this and can offer suggestions?
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    I had to do that when I bought a new PC and had to transfer all files
    It was very easy.

    Let's say that you have the following folders:
    c:\my Music\Radiohead\In Rainbows
    c:\my music\Arcade Fire\Neon Bible

    and you physically move them to

    d:\new music\Radiohead\In Rainbows
    d:\new music\Arcade Fire\Neon Bible

    All u have to do is
    1. Highlite the all of the above Albums in OrangeCD
    2. Right click
    3. Properties
    4. Go to Misc Tab. You should see an exclamation mark on Album Path

    5. Click "Change" on album path
    6. Select d:\new music

    You're Done !!!

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    Thanks for your answer. This looks like it will do exactly what I need it to!

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