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Thread: why does foobar pop up when I add songs?

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    Default why does foobar pop up when I add songs?

    Hey all...

    I finally got an external 2T drive an loaded all my albums there, and updated all my links so I can play my music directly from OCD... yay!!!

    BUT... in the media tab I selected to use M3U files and set my default program for mp3 and m3u to Foobar. It works.. but Foobar keeps popping up whenever I add songs.

    BTW I just got my new computer as well so it is Windows 7 64bit if any of that matters.

    So how can I fix that behavior. I just want foobar to start playing but stay minimized... is there a flag that I can add to do that?

    Thanks for any help


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    File > Preferences
    Click on "Shell Integration".
    Uncheck "Bring to front when adding new files".

    Take a quick look at the other options on that page to make sure foobar2000 behaves how you want.

    Click "OK".

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    Hey thanks for the tip... I'll go check it out.

    ********** EDIT

    Nope that didn't change the behavior in OCD... the bring to front was checked in foobar... so I thought it was going to work... but no ;O(
    I'll double check my custom command line in OCD and see if there is something I can add to the foobar commandline to stop it from coming to front... I haven't checked if there was a foobar forum (I'm sure there is).
    thanks again.....


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