Andrei, I sent this original request more than a year ago with no response. Would you be able to give me some update on this request? thanks for your help. Here it is:

Hello Andrei. Incredible stuff you are doing with Orange CD and with Racks and Tags. I had mentioned this a while back and I was hoping that there could be a resolution. When you log into your account and click on ARTISTS - it defaults with the "Cloud" View. Normally, it's not too bad to look at. But when you have more than 2000 artists, it gets a bit unorganized and doesn't look as nice. Yes, there is an option to click on LIST VIEW but that is an extra step. On the other hand, when you click on ALBUMS, the default view is LIST VIEW. I was hoping there would be a way where ARTISTS can default to List View instead of Cloud. That would be great. Maybe a preset that can be edited for the users? Thanks for any help you could give on this issue.