While attempting to add a disc containing music composed by Antonín Dvořák, I ran into a problem. My ripping tool created a directory under this name, which means the directory contained that 'r' with a caron atop it (looks sort of like a short vowel symbol, the breve, but isn't the same). However, when I tried to assign this directory as the media path of the entry, OrangeCD complained. When I looked carefully, I saw that Orange had apparently replaced the 'r' with caron with an ordinary 'r', then tried to open a directory with that name. Since that's not the correct name of the directory, of course an error resulted.

I have OrangeCD set for a Western European character set, and perhaps it needs to be set for a Baltic or Central European set in order for this to work. As far as I can tell, there is no 'Unicode' entry. So that's what I'd like to request in some future version of the software: unicode support. (I've had a similar problem entering Cyrillic text for certain lyrics as well).

Thanks for reading.