I've finally finished my on again, off again work on a template. Thanks to Andrei for answering my many questions! If you'd like to take a look at it, you can download it from here:


I called it "Green" because the default colors are various shades of green. Many of them are configurable. I shamelessly stole certain features from the default template, while others are entirely mine. I'll check this thread periodically, so if anyone has questions or comments, post them here.

I wrote this to match what I wanted in a template. Feel free to modify it if you wish. It was tested with Orange 6.2.4. It will probably work with earlier minor revisions of version 6, but I don't have any idea about versions earlier than that.

If no one downloads it within a certain period, the free file host will delete it. It was uploaded today, and I think the time limit is 60 days.