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    Default "Reissue" section

    I've been thinking about the "Reissue" & "Release Information" sections on the Album properties pop-up, & wondering whether "Reissue" should actually be "Original Release".

    My thinking goes along the line that the "Release Information" section relates to the Album (CD/LP/<whatever>) which is actually "in your hand", hence has the most complete release information.

    So far, so what, then, is the rationale for the "Reissue" Section. If I put on my "aging prog. rocker" hat, I would quite like to have the data for the original LP (ahem), including original artwork...(see other post), but I cannot see any rationale for data relating to a "reissue" of the Album that I actually have in my hand, and am inputting into the database.

    So on those lines I would rather see the "Reissue" section restyled to "Original Issue".

    But am I missing something obvious here?

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    Default Re: "Reissue" section

    Hi sometime ago I made a suggestion for something similar:

    23 OrangeCD Discussions / Suggest Features / Original Release Sep 15th, 2007, 2:13am

    I would like to make a suggestion for the Properties/Albums/General page:

    Is it possible to add another box under the Reissue Box named Original Release containing the same fields as the Reissue Box ie Label/Date

    I have a lot of deluxe editions/anniversary editions and would like to insert the date of release of these editions in the release information box and the date of the original release in the suggested box.



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    Default Re: "Reissue" section

    OK, so I'm late to the party again....on both my most recent "big new ideas"

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    Default Re: "Reissue" section

    Quote Originally Posted by Mole
    So on those lines I would rather see the "Reissue" section restyled to "Original Issue".
    i really and truly hate that idea. In fact, that is one of the major issues that caused me to switch to OrangeCD from the other music db software i was using.

    It's not so much the label that i care about (i always enter the label &amp; number that i have in hand), but the original date of the music is much more important to me than the reissue date. i like having a field for the reissue date, but it's secondary information. i'm trying to compile information about music, not objects.

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    I totally agree with The Mole.

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    I totally agree with neomarvelbuuny.

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