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    Hi Andrei,
    In the future do you foresee having multiple lists on one account. At home I have separate databases for soundtracks,classical,compilations, Single Artist, etc. all have hundreds of CD's in them, it would be nice to be able to see them in one account without mixing them all together. The other question is why is there a limit on the number of artists in cloud view it only goes up to 1000. It's a great way to browse but even at a 1000 it leaves alot out of my collection I'm over 8,000 albums and growing. For me it would be worth paying for to get the extra's Thanks

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    Hi sandman13,

    I am investigating this. There may be alternative ways to achieve what you want (having multiple local databases synced with the same online database). But I must admit this is a low priority item, and given a huge backlog of features waiting for release on, I do not see it happening in any near future


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    [quote=sandman13]Hi Andrei,

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    I too would love this.

    I have separate databases for CD and vinyl.

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