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    For some reason, instead of displaying the appropriate information for compilations like recording studio and such, it shows "various" ono both the song page and the album page. Also, it adds all credits like producer and lyricist to all of the songs on the album.

    For instance, I entered a Death Cab for Cutie single with a Smiths cover on it into my database. One song is credited to Benjamin Gibbard, the other is credited to Morrissey. But, on the album page, it says "Benjamin Gibbard/Morrissey" beneath both songs.

    Sorry if this is already known, but this bug is kind of annoying when you're adding a bunch of splits or compilations.

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    Thanks for the report. I think it will be fixed by adding track numbers next to each name. Something like:

    Benjamin Gibbard (1-2)
    Morrissey (3-4)


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    The fix works great, thanks for jumping on that. I have a similar issue, though.

    If there are tracks that are recorded from several different places (for instance, the Fuel single by Metallica has two live tracks), then it shows as "Recorded live at (various ((various), (various))" for all of the songs, even if the track isn't live. That might be alright for the main page, but it seems like it would be more appropriate for the song pages to list the actual recording studio information.

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