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Thread: Important OCD Update Questions~

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    Default Important OCD Update Questions~

    Hi Andrei,

    I haven't updated my OCDSuite software since I purchased it a few years ago. I'm using version 6.1.1, and I've noted that the latest version is 6.2.3.

    Should I update my software now? If so, will there be any potential problems, losses, etc.? I definitely don't need any surprises in the form of lost data, that's for sure. If you recommend updating my software, please provide directions as to how I should go about it.

    I realize that this is a rather simplistic question, but since I've never been advised and have not followed this forum on a regular basis, I'm interested in knowing what's best and most recommended.



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    i always updated OCD to a newer version without any problems.

    If you afraid of having trouble, back up your database and copy it to a secure location (e.g. on a stick) If it does not work as you expect it so you could reinstall the older version and import the backuped database.

    The newer version solved perfomance problems on vista, and changed the support to

    I thought that there are changes in behaviour of A and B Sites so you can split or somthing like that. I never used that feature so im not really familiar with that

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    Thanks for your input, noyse.

    Do you update from the firetongue website, or is there a place to update on the OrangeCD Catalog setup that I'm missing? Does the update override the older version during installation?


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    I've just completed installation of OCD version 6.2.3 and everything went well. There are no problems that I'm aware of at this time.

    I burned a CD backup, just in case, but it doesn't appear that I'll need to use it, thankfully.

    Hopefully, I'll receive notice when updates are available in the future.

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