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    Unless this has already been incorporated (in which case I have missed it and do humbly apologize), I would love to see the option to set swap Lastname/Firtstname as the default when importing albums from MP3 files.

    I use Orange to catalog albums in MP3 format. Currently, for every new artist I add to Orange, I have to manually SWAP first/last name to have the artist listed by last name.

    Couldn't an option be provided to sort all new entries by last name by default?

    A provision could be made for exceptions. Hold SHFT while adding an album, and first/last names are NOT swapped.

    What say ye?

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    There is a "Sort Name" form in the Artist Profile. If you have trouble finding it, just follow these instructions:

    First make sure your left hand content menu is in open. If it's not, click on "View" at the top and click on "Folders Pane".

    Now that the content window on the left is open, click on the drop down field and select "Artist". (Please note: DO NOT select "Artist (Overview)" because this will not show any artists that are included only in Various Artists/Compilations that you have included in your collection.)

    Next click on the artist's folder that you want to sort by "last/first", Right-click and select "Artist Profile". Clicking on "Properties" also takes you to the "Artist Profile" as well.

    Now select the "Display" tab. Right under the "Primary Name" field, you will find the "Sort Name" field.
    Also, if you need to sort by "last name first" in the table frame that appears above the album preview frame, you need to right-click on the top column and select "Artist Sort" in the list.

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