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Thread: CD-DVD Set

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    OK to expand on my point. I use OCD to catalogue my CDs. To catalogue my DVDs I use Intervocative Software's DVD Profiler. Both make extensive use of online databases...(FreedB for OCD and Intervocative's own DB for DVDP) far as I'm concerned both are "best in class".

    DVDP is zealous in its mission to catalogue DVDs, and only bonus audio/data CDs allowed (except referenced as a "one liner" at the bottom of the page!). OK, I have no arguments with that approach....those are the "rules of the game" for DVDP.

    However, more and more DVDs come with bonus CDs. It seems to be less prevelant the other way round; I suspect that "DVD+CD" has a higher perceived retail value than "CD+DVD". The question is therefore how to catalogue the combos......

    For instance, I have:

    Avril Lavigne "My World"

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    With CD+DVD I meant any combination...not just cd+dvd or dvd+cd. OCD allows you to select the order in which the cd/dvd/other media are stored but also the type of media...

    This thread was not about which kind of combinations there are, but the inability to create such a set with various media.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Melvin C. Eley, Jr.
    Hello Andrei!
    The multi-set with the ability to label individual titles is one that I have been waiting for over a year. It works just great with CDs but when I manually add a DVD ... it doesn't work. I am purchasing a number of CDs that have DVDs with them.
    I'd *REALLY* like to see this feature too, especially now that 6.0 is released and we are starting to see regular non-beta updates again.

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    Happy New Year! Where do we stand on the request for the ability to catalog combined CD-DVD sets? We are well over a year of waiting and promising. Are we close? Thanks ...

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    If I understand your question right:

    It is possible for quite some time (I don't remember when it was introduced) to have multi disc sets consisting of 2 different types of disc. I have 12 of these sets in my collection. For each disc in the set you can choose the right Album icon on the Misc tab of the Record properties.
    The icon of the first disc is shown for the set, so you can diffentiate between a DVD set with a bonus audio CD or an audio CD with a bonus DVD.
    I have entered 1 format for these sets: CD & DVD, but you can choose any format you want.

    Is this an answer to your request? This is the way I organize these combinations and it works fine for me.

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