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Thread: CDDB Vs. freeDB

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    Default CDDB Vs. freeDB

    Why did you dicide to use freeDB. Is there a cost to using CDDB in your program?

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    There are couple of reasons why we choose FreeDB.

    First, Gracenote requires a fee after the number of users exceeds certain limit. The fee is large and is generally not affordable for shareware authors.

    Second, to use CDDB in our application, we have to sign an agreement which prevents us from using any kind of online data lookup but CDDB. I wonder if a simple web search would violate this agreement

    Third, after the CDDB sued Roxio for their escape to FreeDB, it seems not safe to be bound by such agreement.

    Their source of information might be superior, but it's still not worth losing the freedom of choice.


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    I really love the software but am increasinlgy thinking of stop using it. The reason is that I have a large # of CDs which freeDB will not find. It's really annoying to have to put them in myself and it kind of defeats the purpose of your great software. I read a previous message about your reasons for not using CDDB and understand where you are coming from. My questions, is, are there other means to gather CD information without me having to look up the CD case and typying up all that info myself?
    Thanks for any suggestions

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