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    I'm currently evaluating OrangeCD. I've entered about a hundred CD's so far (using and things are looking very good.

    However, apparently no single "(Record) Label" field is filled in. Could it be that this field is not supported by

    I'm also testing with Music Label 2004 and for all the CD's I've entered there, the Record Label field is filled in properly. That program makes use of Gracenote/CDDB however. Is it possible to have OrangeCD make use of the Gracenote/CDDB service instead of


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    Unfortunately, FreeDB does not offer label information.

    OrangeCD cannot be configured to access Gracenote/CDDB because it uses completely different protocol and, if I remember correctly, Gracenote and FreeDB cannot be used in one app per license.


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    Ok, that's a pity, but a minor fault.

    I've evaluated OrangeCD against other CD organiser applications and it's the one with the best HTML-export, easiest interface and good speed performance. The automated cover download is great also. I registered a moment ago..

    Thanks for the great app!


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